Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word..




It means sitting together in truth – hanging out in mutual authenticity, without artifice or pretence in order to feel and commune with the core of each other, and so elicit an experience of the underlying background presence informing us all and all of this.



Barefoot Satsang
Be part of the global healing


Next satsang
Sunday 25th October 2015, 1800 GMT (UK time)




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Whenever we meet together in awareness of this presence (the Tao), it brings healing and miracles for all present. This energy spreads by ripple effect to everyone you know, from them to everyone they know and so on six times, until everyone on Earth is benignly affected. In this sense, it’s world- healing.


We’re here to communicate. That’s what we do. This is a series especially to unearth your ancient, innate, inherent, though likely partially or in some respects totally dormant skill to communicate from your deepest truest level of self with yourself, with others in all sorts of circumstances, with your world, and with the Tao or Great Presence informing you, me, us and all of it. While Satsang is primarily for communing together and together with with our Tao, a way to celebrate our human family, and not ostensibly instructive, we can nonetheless benefit by the methods/devices the Taoist sages devised and bequeathed us to activate our unlimited capacities in respect of communicating from the heart with soul and thereby attain to the finest results and resolutions in all our affairs henceforth.

In this session we’ll be unearthing the ancient method/device for mustering the requisite confidence, clarity of message and intention, and capacity to defuse aggression in self and other/s in order to arrive at mutually agreeable solutions.


Barefoot Doctor

Why I hold Satsang

I have it on good authority and feel strongly that the time has come for all of us on the path to come together, to join up and commune. Our very survival now depends on us doing so.

The synergy of sympathetic spirits sitting together in communion, breathing together, focusing together, inviting consciousness to expand, will trigger the growth of collective wisdom we need to get us through to the other side of the unprecedented multidimensional crises we face now.

I’ve been teaching for decades and have never known a time when so many people are seaching for a connection point whence to derive stability, authentic direction and deeper meaning.

Barefoot Satsang offers the anchor, the succor, the stability and the authentic connection and genuinely loving communion we’re all seeking to help us keep going in the face of mega-challenge.

Barefoot Satsang is here for you if you ever feel alone in it all and in need of support, exposed and in need of protection, confused and looking for clarity, or simply afraid and longing for human companionship, love and warmth.

In each session, I’ll be providing a supportive, protective space for you to overcome your fears, find the courage to meet challenges and gain clarity about whatever concerns you, in a loving, warm, sympathetic environment of wonderful people.

What happens at a Barefoot Satsang

Each session is live and spontaneous, and so totally unique, about an hour long and fully interactive.

I’ll start with commentary about the state of the world this week – based around the various faculties needed to retrieve balance in all the areas that concern you. (If you have something pressing that you want to get off your chest or need some help with, leave me a comment or question when you register for the satsang.)

For the second twenty minutes or so, I’ll lead a guided Taoist based meditation. We’ll start by focusing inwards and by the end we’ll focus on the connection between everyone at the event and then everyone you know and so on to transmit the healing globally.

After that, I’ll answer your questions on whatever may be causing you concern in your life, before signing off with a closing meditation, a magic spell for everyone for the week ahead.

Barefoot Satsang is for you if you feel

  • an overwhelming urge to connect
  • the crucial need to contribute your consciousness and wisdom to the world-mind
  • adrift in the realm of materialism
  • alone and in need of support
  • exposed and in need of protection
  • confused and are looking for clarity, or
  • afraid and are longing in your heart for authentic companionship, love and warmth.


The benefits of Barefoot Satsang

  • A sense of connectedness
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re making a contribution
  • A feeling that no matter how challenging life has been and is shaping up to be, there’s always a place and space to plug into to derive the strength and succor you need to keep going
  • Knowing you’re part of a global family focused on a positive outcome
  • A sense of empowerment for being able to effect a positive shift in your life and the world
  • A feeling of being loved and loving producing a greater degree of meaning and value in your life.
Satsang in Sanskrit

Satsang in Sanskrit. San = true, Sanga = company.


Where the Barefoot Satsang is held

Modern technology offers us a new opportunity for Satsang – a chance to meet at low cost online, just as though we were physically in a room together. You don’t need to travel, I’ll be with you and we’ll all be together wherever you are – all you need is you, and a computer or a phone.

It’s simple to log in – full information will be provided. And, as every Satsang is recorded and sent to participants, you will be able to replay the whole session as often as you like.

The cost of attending a Barefoot Satsang

This is a free session, usually the cost is just $12 per session (c£7.60 or c9.60Euros) which entitles you to attend the event live online and/or receive the recording – or buy the full series to save – full price $72, you pay $60 (c£38 or c48 Euros).

That means that for less than you’d spend having a couple of coffees out you can spend a whole hour or so in, nourishing your mind, body and spirit; relaxing, refreshing and reconnecting with the Tao; connecting, communing and communicating in a loving, supportive community; and gaining the answers to tackle the pressing issues in your life.

More than just great value, it’s priceless.

How you can join a Barefoot Satsang

It’s simple – just click the link below and once your payment is complete you will be sent access details to join the Barefoot Satsang you have registered for. Once the event is over we will send you the recording.


Barefoot Satsang
Be part of the global healing


Next satsang
Sunday 25th October 2015, 1800 GMT (UK time)





I’m looking deeply forward to having you join me
With love

PS Help me shape the Satsang to fit your needs – leave me a question or comment when you register

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